Landlord-Tenant Radio: Zoom Landlord Tenant Talk Radio 7-6-2024

Zoom Landlord Tenant Talk Radio 7-6-2024
Topics Discussed:
1. Strategies for raising rents
2. Serving a change of ownership
3. Exemptions from Statewide Rent Control
4. Unpermitted living space
5. Unauthorized pets and alterations
6. Tenant in dispute with adjoining property owner
7. Disabled tenant want to switch units
8. Ramifications to accepting an illegal rent
9. Unpermitted dog
10. Voluntary vacate agreement
11. Sheriff taking an inordinate amount of time to perform a lockout.
12. Permanent removal of a single-family residence
13. Notice requirements to terminate a fixed term lease
14. Accessing a unit
15. 10-day notice required for rental violations in Los Angeles County
16. Landlords force to accept a Section 8 tenant
17. Filling out an eviction form
18. Tenant taking over the common areas
19. Tenant has multiple violations of rental agreement
20. Evicting only one tenant from a unit
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