About Andres

Andres Segovia has over 10 years of experience serving in the real estate industry. Having been involved in his family-owned construction business at an early age, Andres is also knowledgeable on construction and reparability giving him a keen eye on property walkthroughs and investments.


Mortgage information can be critically important before, during and after real estate transactions. We are pleased to offer you a mortgage resources website that can provide you with information on new loans and refinancing and also offers simple online loan applications.

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Own your own home and are considering selling? 

When is the right time to sell? Should you sell?

Do you have any equity on your home? Is your mortgage paid out?

These are just a few things to take into consideration before you plan on selling your property. Andres can help you explore your options before you consider selling your home! Contact him today for a free consultation and haggle-free experience!

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Thinking of investing in real estate or are you an experienced investor looking to add a broker? Is buying a home a good investment?

As an investor himself, Andres can offer his expertise and experience to make a solid decision with your investment property. Andres consults with all types of investors from the experienced to the aspiring advises his clients of the best times to buy, hold or sell.

Contact him today to set an appointment to find out how Andres can be a valuable addition to your investing needs!