Landlord-Tenant Radio: Acquiring Tenant Occupied Property 7-13-24

Acquiring Tenant Occupied Property 7-13-24
Topics Discussed: 

1. Acquiring tenant occupied property
2. Registering your unit prior to serving a termination notice
3. Failing to comply with a stipulated judgment
4. Buying foreclosure property
5. Proof of mailing
6. Tenant failing to pay for utilities
7. Exemptions from Statewide Rent Control
8. Sending a change of ownership form
9. Mail Service is not a proper address for service of legal documents
10. Extra person moving into the unit
11. Deducting rent when tenant inconvenienced
12. Rent can be paid to a P.O. Box
13. Screening applicants
14. Renter’s Insurance
15. Proper rent increase for the City of Comption
16. Adult chlid moving back into unit to establish tenant’s rights
17. Suveillance cameras
18. Jury trial
19. Exterior water spigot
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Property Owner Resources & NO On CA Prop 33 | Guest: AOA USA’s Jeff Faller

California homeowners, perhaps you have heard of The Justice For Renters Act. It is an initiative appearing on the November ballot this year to pave the way for state-wide rent control ordinances.

On this episode, I am joined the Apartment Owners Association President Jeff Faller. We discuss The Justice For Renters Act, aka Proposition 33, and how Associations like his provide vital resources for landlords.

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Landlord-Tenant Radio: Zoom Landlord Tenant Talk Radio 7-6-2024

Zoom Landlord Tenant Talk Radio 7-6-2024
Topics Discussed:
1. Strategies for raising rents
2. Serving a change of ownership
3. Exemptions from Statewide Rent Control
4. Unpermitted living space
5. Unauthorized pets and alterations
6. Tenant in dispute with adjoining property owner
7. Disabled tenant want to switch units
8. Ramifications to accepting an illegal rent
9. Unpermitted dog
10. Voluntary vacate agreement
11. Sheriff taking an inordinate amount of time to perform a lockout.
12. Permanent removal of a single-family residence
13. Notice requirements to terminate a fixed term lease
14. Accessing a unit
15. 10-day notice required for rental violations in Los Angeles County
16. Landlords force to accept a Section 8 tenant
17. Filling out an eviction form
18. Tenant taking over the common areas
19. Tenant has multiple violations of rental agreement
20. Evicting only one tenant from a unit
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Landlord-Tenant Radio: Zoom Landlord-Tenant Talk Radio 6-29-24

Zoom Landlord-Tenant Talk Radio 6-29-24
Topics Discussed:
1. Supreme Court dealt a blow to homeless encampments
2. Laws relating to security deposits
3. The property insurance crisis
4. Responsibility to repair a washer and dryer
5. Obtaining a securty deposit in excess of the law
6. Obligation to sign a new lease
7. Will a letter be sufficient in lieu of a witness
8. The phone number of a manager should be given to the tenants
9 Removing a unit permanently from rental housing use.
10. No increase in security deposits for furnished units
11. Combining properties in a LLC to obtain a higher security deposit
12. Unauthorized occupants
13. Removing the use of a garage to build an ADU
14. Illegal Unit
15. ADU consultant
16. Proper method of serving a termination notice
17. Tenant deposits cash into landlord’s account
18. Reasons to evict not required for some SFR
19. Proof of ownership
20. Security deposit does not need to be held in an escrow account
21. Interest on security deposits
22. Relocation funds required for substantial renovation
23. One tenant vacates leaving one remaining tenant
24. Co-signers
25. New owner to start an eviction for non-payment
26. Tenant refusing to relinquish unit after vacating
27. Good cause required to evict for unincorporated areas of Lo Angeles
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CA Supreme Court Removes Taxpayer Protection Measure From November Ballot | Episode 312

On June 20, 2024, the mostly Democrat Justices of The State Supreme Court, joined by a Republican In Name Only, robbed the people of the right to vote for taxes to be approved by The People. This is just the latest in the series of attacks on our Californians’ civil rights. With the continued onslaught of attacks on property rights and small business, can California survive the Gavin Newsom’s draconian measures much longer?

Links and resources are available in the show notes below:

Landlord-Tenant Radio: Zoom Landlord Tenant Talk Radio 6-22-24

Zoom Landlord Tenant Talk Radio 6-22-24
Topics Discussed

1. Avoiding the “Tenant From Hell”
2. Evicting only one co-tenant
3. Terminating a lease that automatically renews
4. What renter’s right does a person have when moving back into a unit
5. Raising rent triggers relocation
6. Change of Ownership Notice- methods of payment
7. 60 day notice to quit on a lodger
8. Substantial relocation
9. Owner occupancy for a duplex
10. Tenant assigning parking space to another tenant
11. Requiring children who became adults to sign a rental agreement
12. Establishing a rental rate without rquiring the tenant to pay this amount
13. Addendum to rental agreements
14. Unauthorized subtenants
15. Tenant establishes a day care business on your property
16. How do you do a credit check
17. Illegal unit
18. Requiring exemption language in rental agreement regarding Statewide Rent Control
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Landlord-Tenant Radio: Zoom Landlord Tenant Talk Radio 6-15-24

Zoom Landlord Tenant Talk Radio 6-15-24
Topic Discussed:
1. Increasing rents
2. Requesting a tenant to do the gardening
3. Tenant suing landlord regarding an illegal unit
4. Suing tenant in small claims court for Covid rent
5. Tenant vacates without notice
6. Raising rent and owner wants to occupy the unit
7. Family member wants to occupy an unit
8. Obtaining a security deposit from an existing tenant
9. Requesting a tenant to sign a rental agreement
10. Correcting a mistake in an eviction lawsuit
11. Renovate or owner move-in. Which one?
12. Terminating a Section 8 tenant for economic reasons
13. Rent notice is required to exceed the fair market value
14. Owner desires to occupy unit located in Glendale
15. Tenant owes rent- Start the eviction
16. Late charges
17. Major repairs required and tenant will remain in possession
18. Raising rent for a Section 8 tenant
19. Tenant owes rent
20. Relocation needs to be paid where an owner wants to occupy a unit.
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Landlord-Tenant Radio: Zoom Landlord Tenant Talk Radio 6-8-2024

Zoom Landlord Tenant Talk Radio 6-8-2024
Topics Discussed:

1. Change of ownership or managment
2. Allowing a friend to occupy your unit
3. Holdover damages
4. Non payment of rent for a storage unit
5. Serving a second 3-Day notice to pay rent
6. Premises appear to be abandoned
7. Tenant retaliation for a rent increase
8. Cash for keys
9. Utilities charges included in a notice to pay rent or quit
10. Proving the Los Angeles cover sheet was properly filed with the city
11. Tenant cancels after signing a rental agreement
12. Serving a new change of ownership/management notice
13. Preparing a rent increase notice
14. Counting days when a 3 day notice will expire
15. Evicting your boarder
16. Illegally converted garage-relocation required to be paid
17. Storing items in the common areas
18. Landlord is sued for failing to repair the jacuzzi
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Landlord-Tenant Radio: Zoom Landlord Tenant Talk Radio 6-1-24

Zoom Landlord Tenant Talk Radio 6-1-24
Topics Discussed:

1. Landlords forced to take Section 8 tenants
2. 3-Day Notice to Quit vs e-Day Notice to Perform or Quit
3. Provision in lease agreement prohibiting jury trials
4. LA single-family residence exempt from rent limitation but good cause required to evict
5. Laundry lease
6. Los Angeles County rent control does not impact incorporated cities
7. Illegal unit
8. Proper person to serve a lawsuit
9. Proposed bill to force landlords to accept pets
10. Removing a parking space to construct an ADU
11. Tenant refusing an inspection
12. Visitors creating a nuisance
13. Boarders in your house
14. Condominium not subject to rent limitations
15. Tenant wasting water
16. Tenant vacates without notice
17. No pet policy
18. Terminating a Section 8 tenant
19. Friend moving into the unit for only 30 days
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