Landlord-Tenant Radio: Zoom Landlord Tenant Talk Radio 6-1-24

Zoom Landlord Tenant Talk Radio 6-1-24
Topics Discussed:

1. Landlords forced to take Section 8 tenants
2. 3-Day Notice to Quit vs e-Day Notice to Perform or Quit
3. Provision in lease agreement prohibiting jury trials
4. LA single-family residence exempt from rent limitation but good cause required to evict
5. Laundry lease
6. Los Angeles County rent control does not impact incorporated cities
7. Illegal unit
8. Proper person to serve a lawsuit
9. Proposed bill to force landlords to accept pets
10. Removing a parking space to construct an ADU
11. Tenant refusing an inspection
12. Visitors creating a nuisance
13. Boarders in your house
14. Condominium not subject to rent limitations
15. Tenant wasting water
16. Tenant vacates without notice
17. No pet policy
18. Terminating a Section 8 tenant
19. Friend moving into the unit for only 30 days
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