Landlord-Tenant Radio: Zoom Landlord-Tenant Talk Radio 6-29-24

Zoom Landlord-Tenant Talk Radio 6-29-24
Topics Discussed:
1. Supreme Court dealt a blow to homeless encampments
2. Laws relating to security deposits
3. The property insurance crisis
4. Responsibility to repair a washer and dryer
5. Obtaining a securty deposit in excess of the law
6. Obligation to sign a new lease
7. Will a letter be sufficient in lieu of a witness
8. The phone number of a manager should be given to the tenants
9 Removing a unit permanently from rental housing use.
10. No increase in security deposits for furnished units
11. Combining properties in a LLC to obtain a higher security deposit
12. Unauthorized occupants
13. Removing the use of a garage to build an ADU
14. Illegal Unit
15. ADU consultant
16. Proper method of serving a termination notice
17. Tenant deposits cash into landlord’s account
18. Reasons to evict not required for some SFR
19. Proof of ownership
20. Security deposit does not need to be held in an escrow account
21. Interest on security deposits
22. Relocation funds required for substantial renovation
23. One tenant vacates leaving one remaining tenant
24. Co-signers
25. New owner to start an eviction for non-payment
26. Tenant refusing to relinquish unit after vacating
27. Good cause required to evict for unincorporated areas of Lo Angeles
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