Landlord-Tenant Radio: Zoom Landlord Tenant Talk Radio 5-18-24

Zoom Landlord Tenant Talk Radio 5-18-24
Topics Discussed:

1, Obtaining immediate answsers to your legal questions
2. Motion for Summary Judgment
3. Lease term is expiring
4. Existing tenant moving into a different unit on the premises
5. Owners desires to move into a unit occupied by a Section 8 tenant
6. Vacancy decontrol
7. Nuisance tenants
8. Tenant failing to maintain the unit
9. Relunctant Witnesses
10. Failure to renew a lease
11. Violation of house rules
12. Raising rent above market level
13. Calilfornia balony and staircase inspection law
14. Illegal Unit
15. Evicting for rent owed during the Covid period.
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