Landlord-Tenant Radio: Zoom Landlord Tenant Talk Radio 4-27-24

Zoom Landlord Tenant Talk Radio 4-27-24
Topics Discussed:
1. New security deposit law
2. Unauthorized dog
3. Turning off utilities with a tenant in possession
4. Accessing a tenant’s unit
5. Raising rent on a single-family residence
6. How to collect rent which became owed during the Covid period
7. Owner intends to occupy or renovate a unit
8. Increasing rent for a capital improvement
9. Removing a garage to construct an ADU
10. Requiring renters insurance
11. Tenant refuses to the the rental increase
12. 3-day notice must exceed the threshold (Fair Market Value)
13. Abandoned personal property
14. Tenant is a hoarder
15. Accessing a unit to sell the property
16. Tenant is harrassing an owner.
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