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Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a great, fun, delicious, and safe Thanksgiving!


Helpful Tips, Work Smarter Series
Dropbox is useful to store information and have that information be  synced to different devices linked to your account. All this is done by leveraging the power of the cloud. If you never heard of DropBox, you should have! DropBox is one of the most popular and trusted cloud services available on the market today! It can connect to your [...]

BIG NEWS: Real estate tech company aims to replace agents with robots, data – Newsday

There’s an interesting article making the rounds today. Newsday is covering the expansion of REX Real Estate Exchange into Long Island. Apparently, REX is a real estate market game changer undercutting the typical real estate commission allowing for buyers and sellers to keep more of their money. Though I take issue with some of their [...]

CNBC: Four major US cities ring housing bubble alarm

Are we drawing near to the next bubble burst? Some cities believe they are. CNBC is reporting Denver, Miami, Houston, and Washington, DC are considered overvalued. This is due, as the article explains, to the continued rise in house prices and decrease in affordability. Its not all doom and gloom, though. It’s important for a local real [...]

WORK SMARTER SERIES: Chrome for Dummies 101

Helpful Tips, Work Smarter Series
Tips on working smarter using Chrome What’s so good about Chrome?  Tired of having to work with complicated browsers? Or having trouble multi-tasking? Say no more. This is why Google Chrome is highly recommended. Google Chrome is designed to be simple and faster making multitasking much easier. You can drag tabs out into separate windows [...]

The Science of Building Wealth Event!

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How the Fed rate hike will affect your finances – CNBC

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CNBC: Spring housing ‘Strongest seller’s market ever’

This is a fascinating story. Talk to me if you’re interested in seeing the market activity around your area! =D READ REPORT: http://www.cnbc.com/2017/04/24/spring-housing-strongest-sellers-market-ever.html

WORK SMARTER SERIES: Overview of MLS Touch for Real Estate Agents

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Here’s my latest video for my Work Smarter Series targeted at my fellow Real Estate Agents! This is a must-have apps if you can get your hands on it!

Mark 1 “Set for Life” Live Event This Saturday!

The reality is that the majority of people in this country can become financially secure and can even become wealthy IF THEY KNOW HOW. The Mark 1 Wealth Academy will teach you a step by step path through real estate how to achieve financial security without saving money. If you are one of the many skeptics it is probably because you have been [...]