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My First-Time Home Seller Tips!

Original publish date May 14, 2019 http://theandressegovia.com/episode/episode-10-my-first-time-home-seller-tips/ #selling #home #realestate

My Beginner’s Tips to Home Buying!

Original publish date April 22, 2019. http://theandressegovia.com/episode/episode-7-my-beginners-tips-to-home-buying/ #homebuyer #tips #realestate

What Is The Value Of A Real Estate Broker?

From Episode 3 original publish date April 1, 2019. http://theandressegovia.com/episode/episode-3-what-is-the-value-of-a-real-estate-broker/ #realtor #realestate #broker

Propositions Affecting Real Estate on the November 2020 Ballot!


The Andres Segovia Show Is On The Air!

After a 10 year hiatus, Andres returns to his roots with The Andres Segovia Show! Andres shares what’s transpired since the show last aired, and what listeners can expect from the show’s new focus on real estate news, talk, and tech. Andres also takes a moment to share a personal story of how real estate has impacted his family the [...]

Rent Freeze in Unincorporated Areas of Los Angeles

The latest edition of the Apartment Owners Association has a great article detailing the Rent Freeze in L.A. County and Glendale. To recap, The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to implement a 6-month Rent Control Ordinance for the Unincorporated areas of Los Angeles. It went into effect December 20, 2018. It is retroactive to [...]

Merry Christmas!!

Blessings, happiness, and cheer to everyone!

How Do Prop 5 & Prop 10 Affect You?

‘Nuff Said.

Vote No on Prop 10, California!

What you need to know about Prop 10! Vote No this November! To learn more, go to www.NoProp10.org www.SegoviaRES.com Twitter: @SegoviaRES Instagram: @The_Andres_Segovia

Why Agents Don’t Trust Zillow and Neither Should You! -Part 2

Helpful Tips
Zillow Service Fees Passed On To Customers Many real estate industries and agents use Zillow to show properties that are on sale. One of the major reasons why its so popular is because its online and mobile tools are for free. But it’s not free if the homebuyer or home seller is paying for it through a transaction Real estate professionals are [...]