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Vote No on Prop 10, California!

What you need to know about Prop 10! Vote No this November! To learn more, go to www.NoProp10.org www.SegoviaRES.com Twitter: @SegoviaRES Instagram: @The_Andres_Segovia

Why Agents Don’t Trust Zillow and Neither Should You! -Part 2

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Zillow Service Fees Passed On To Customers Many real estate industries and agents use Zillow to show properties that are on sale. One of the major reasons why its so popular is because its online and mobile tools are for free. But it’s not free if the homebuyer or home seller is paying for it through a transaction Real estate professionals are [...]

Why Agents Don’t Trust Zillow and Neither Should You! – Part 1

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Zillow. Its the go-to website for people interested in buying or selling a house to do their research. And why wouldn’t they use it? Its the most popular site for such data. But is it accurate? Ask any agent and most will tell you Zillow is not. It’s a strong statement loaded with truth. But how? Zestimates are inaccurate. If [...]

The I Wrote A Book Giveaway!

Due Out End of August 2018! Click Here for My First Book Release! In celebration of the imminent release of my second book There And Back Again: Not A Hobbit’s Tale, I’m giving away a few tech-related goodies to a lucky few! You’ll have multiple ways to participate for a chance to win one of the following goodies: 1st Place: Google Home Mini [...]

Market Update

The real estate housing for the next two years seems to show a lower supply in houses and a higher price growth. This is happening due to the high demand in houses which is pushing the prices to grow. It is estimated that by the year 2019, the prices will increase by 5% according to the real estate market forecast. Compared to last year, [...]

Happy Independence Day!

May you all have a Happy 4rth of July! Eat food, light fireworks, and please don’t get arrested! God Bless!! 4

Buy or Sell in California?

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  The struggle in buying a home in California is real especially now because buying homes in California has become very competitive due to inventory shortages. Since the competition has grown it’s easier to sell. Properties are selling like hot cakes. However, this shouldn’t intimidate you into buying a house in this beautiful state and [...]

Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle when Constantly Busy with Work

Work is important but so is your health. Many people find it difficult to balance work while keeping a healthy lifestyle, but it’s not as hard as it seems. There are three things that sync together to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle: your nutritional health, physical health, and mental health. Keeping a healthy lifestyle makes you feel [...]

JUST LISTED: 2118 E. 117th Street, Los Angeles, CA.

I present 2118 E. 117th St. in Los Angeles, California. This property is a 1,240 sq ft. two-story home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The bedrooms are located on the second floor. The first floor contains a spacious living room, a separate dining area, and a kitchen with granite counter tops. This property has a gated driveway with its own [...]

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

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It’s hard keeping track of many tasks when you’re all over the place; and let’s face it, a day isn’t enough time to tackle them all. It’s hard enough to wake up every morning, go to work, feed your dog, face traffic, answer calls, catch up on emails, attend appointments, schedule appointments, boss people around, remember you have a family, [...]