Attention City Of Los Angeles Landlords & Tenants: Rent Increase Calculator

The City Council approved a 4% rent increase for properties subject to the RSO from February 1, 2024 through June 30, 2024. An additional 1% for gas and 1% for electric service can be added if the landlord provides the service to the tenant. State law requires landlords to provide an advance 30-day written notice for rent increases of less than 10%.

To find out if you live in an RSO unit, go to Or, text the letters “RSO” to: 1(855) 880-7368 and follow the instructions (use the lowest number address on the property, for example, building includes addresses 1722, 1724, 1726, 1728 No. Main Street, use 1722 N Main St.)

City Of Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance Rent Increase Calculator