FOX LA: Los Angeles County eviction protections extended

FOX LA: Despite vehement opposition from one of its members, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted today to extend eviction protections for many pandemic-impacted tenants in unincorporated areas through the end of the year. Supervisor Kathryn Barger called the extension of an eviction moratorium:

“[A] gross expansion of renter protection policy with no clear end in sight.”

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CALIFORNIA INSIDER: California’s Skyrocketing Natural Gas Prices Explained | Mike Umbro

The real threat, that if we don’t amp up our storage capability and our capacity, we simply won’t have power. We’ll be living by candlelight.” Siyamak sits down with Mike Umbro, an energy expert and investor.

Today he will discuss why our utility bills are skyrocketing and what we can expect in the near future.

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CLASSIC EPISODE: When Is The Right Time To Buy?

Here’s a throwback to one of the most popular episodes from my Real Estate 101 series: When Is The Right Time To buy?

Show notes at:
Real Estate 101:


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