Dropbox is useful to store information and have that information be  synced to different devices linked to your account. All this is done by leveraging the power of the cloud. If you never heard of DropBox, you should have! DropBox is one of the most popular and trusted cloud services available on the market today! It can connect to your Office 365 suite directly, any of your smartphone devices, computers, and tablets!

You can simply just drag any file/folder, picture, or document into Dropbox and it will automatically be saved.




How To Get an Account?

1.) First go to your app store, type in Dropbox. From there a window like the one below

should appear. (For this tutorial, we’re using the Windows Store on a Windows 10 PC) Click on Get to start the process.


2.)  Click on Launch.




3.) The window below should pop up. Click on Sign Up.



4.) Click on Create Account. Insert your first and last name, email address and password. Then click on create account again.

4      5    


5.) Once you’ve created an account a window, similar to the one below, should pop up. Double click on it so you can open the pdf.



6.) Once you’ve opened the pdf it should look something like the image below. Read through, it will guide you in ways you can use Dropbox.7


You have successfully created a Dropbox account. What should you do next? Well, open up your browser and go to Login with the the login information you created. Once you’re in you can install Dropbox so it can appear on your file explorer.


It’s going to give you a little intro. Just keep clicking next. However, your file explorer should look a little something like the image below.


It should be on the side of your file explorer, which is beneficial because it makes it much easier to drag any file you want into Dropbox.

And that’s it! All the syncing is done in the background! No other settings to mess around with. Whatever work you do and store on DropBox, is automatically stored and synchronized to all your devices!

You can learn more about DropBox here.

BIG NEWS: Real estate tech company aims to replace agents with robots, data – Newsday

There’s an interesting article making the rounds today. Newsday is covering the expansion of REX Real Estate Exchange into Long Island. Apparently, REX is a real estate market game changer undercutting the typical real estate commission allowing for buyers and sellers to keep more of their money.

Though I take issue with some of their misleading marketing, I do give props to them for trying to change the antiquated real estate business model.

Still, I do not agree with the painting of real estate agents and brokers as greedy. The savvy real estate professional does not rest on his laurels. The professional add value to their work for the benefit of the client.

Contact me today to see how I meet your real estate needs! Curious about that news article I referenced? Hit the link below to read it.


CNBC: Four major US cities ring housing bubble alarm

Are we drawing near to the next bubble burst? Some cities believe they are. CNBC is reporting Denver, Miami, Houston, and Washington, DC are considered overvalued. This is due, as the article explains, to the continued rise in house prices and decrease in affordability.

Its not all doom and gloom, though. It’s important for a local real estate agent to understand the overall economic market to best advise their customers. Contact me if you’re curious as to how this news might affect your real estate needs whether you’re buying or selling or both!